After a super long break involving a change in careers and a move, I am back! This was my lunch today: salmon sandwich on a bagel, olives, cucumber and cherries for dessert. In the mug is Crystal Light cherry pomegranate juice. I’m not eating for weightloss anymore, but I am making an effort to eat healthy. I’m eating for two now and as of November I’ll be a brand new momma. ☺

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Oh my gosh, this looks -so- good!

Two words to describe what tonight will be: Cake vodka.


Camera battery is le dead. I’ll post pics when I get it charged!


nuttin but respect. <3

One word- glitter grapes. Ok, two words. They are so delicious. You take grapes (I used green), wet them and roll ‘em in a bit of Jellow powder. Pet ‘em in the fridge to get cold and PRESTO candy!



Cauliflower crust

As some of you have been asking for the cauliflower crust recipe, I decided to write it down; I hope this helps.

1) These are the ingredients I used: cauliflower, eggs, carrots and parsley. Of course you can skip the carrots or the parsley or even add other things.
2) Shred the cauliflower, watch out for your fingers, it might hurt a little.
3) Shred your carrots and add them.
4) Cut the parsley to tiny pieces, add eggs, salt and pepper.
5) Mix everything well!
6) Get your pan and heat up some oil – I used olive oil.
7) Fill the mixture inside of the pan, disperse it a little and put the top back on the pan.
8) Wait about 8 minutes. As long as your cauliflower crust roasts, you can make a nice cup of tea and cut all other ingre
dients that you want to put on top of your crust, be creative, everything is possible and absolutely delicious!

9) Flip your crust -  It might be difficult and about to break – try to use a plate to flip it. Once you’ve managed this, let it roast on the other side for some more minutes.
10) Now decorate it with anything you want and enjoy this healthy heaven!

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Everyone has those ‘things’ that they just can’t resist… chocolate, potato chips, pop, ice cream… Well, my ‘thing’ is food.